Items to Avoid Putting in The Dryer

13 Items to Avoid Putting in the Dryer

You already know a dryer uses up lots of energy and racks up your electricity bill, but it can also damage your clothing. Between the high heat and the rapid motion, some garments shrink, warp, and can simply be destroyed. It’s all just another reason to have a clothesline handy! Not all fabrics are alike so you must pay attention to the care label to avoid any surprises especially when it comes to new & expensive pieces. One thing to note is that the phrase “dry clean only” means dry clean only. If you want your garment to keep, let the professionals take care of it.


Curious to know what can’t go in the dryer? Here are 13 things to keep away!


Bras – Bras are delicate without a doubt and you want them to last. The heat of the dryer can damage their shape and elasticity. It’s best to lay them flat to dry.


Swimwear – Beach heat is one thing, but tumble dryer heat and Lycra do not mesh well. This heat can make the lycra brittle. You may not need to wear your swimsuit all year round so they can last a long time if you treat them right!


Tights – Tights will not only get tangled in the dryer, they will also shrink. They dry fast on their own so stick to the clothesline or rack.


Trainers – There are so many ‘parts’ to your trainers that can be damaged while drying. Rubber, adhesives, and cushioning can all weaken – let the sun take care of them!


Pleather – Fake leather can melt. Enough said.


Chiffon – Chiffon is one of those fabrics that require dry cleaning so don’t expect to wash these garments!


Suede – Suede shouldn’t even go in your washing machine. Rather than water, some recommend white vinegar and a suede brush for cleaning stains on suede.


Lace – While it may take several cycles to take its toll on lace, it’s best to hand wash and hang dry this delicate & beautiful fabric.


Silk – It’s best to flat dry silk as the dryer can weaken or cause runs in the fabric. Some garments may require special care.


Velvet – To preserve the soft texture of velvet, let them dry naturally.


Rayon – Rayon is notorious for shrinking in the dryer so allow this fabric to air dry…unless the garment is a little too big.


Wool – Surprisingly fragile, wool sweaters should be laid flat to dry.


The Perfect Fit – Anything you put in the dryer is at risk of shrinking so to be on the safe side, line dry any clothing that fits your perfectly…it’s just not worth it!

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