5 Ways to Redecorate Without Shopping

5 Ways to Redecorate Without Shopping

With the nation staying at home this month without the ability to shop for non essentials, we need things to keep us productive and active. Most importantly, we need to feel comfortable and happy in our homes.

We tend to associate any home improvements with spending money, but with patience & creativity improving your home doesn’t have to cost a cent. As they say, when there is a will, there is a way! If you need a bit of help, we put together these great ideas to spruce up your living quarters to make this lockdown a lot more pleasant.


Rearrange furniture

Moving your furniture around can feel like a drastic change especially when it is your bed or couch, but change is good. In the world of design, everything needs breathing space so if you don’t want to move your couch to the opposite wall at least move it away from the wall. By creating this space, your room will feel larger.

5 Ways to Redecorate Without Shopping


Clutter can bring on negative feelings including stress so the more organised your home is, the better you will feel inside it. We recommended hiding things you don’t use or need so that they are out of sight. Your closet and garage are great for storage, but you can even utilise spaces that are under or behind pieces of furniture.


The longer we have a piece of decor in the same place, the sooner we stop noticing it – that’s just how our brains operate. To bring life to your decor, shuffle pieces around to a different room.

Treasure hunt

Most of us already have some clutter stored away. Have a little treasure hunt through these untouched things of your past. There’s bound to be something that you’ll see in a new light to be put out on display.

5 Ways to Redecorate Without Shopping

Shop outside

Since you can’t shop for plants or flowers to brighten up your home, head outside to your garden. If you have a vase, you can create a simple but beautiful handpicked display with leafy branches & flowers.


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