pros & cons of wearing cotton

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used natural fabric for apparel manufacturing across the world. It is estimated that more than 25 million tons of cotton bales are produced each year.  Being a natural fibre, cotton is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. It is a shrub fibre with a protective case that surrounds the seeds – the fibre is cellulose like. Cotton fibre is spun to create a thread or yarn in order to make a breathable and soft textile or fabric.  Cotton clothes are not only soft, but durable and comfortable too. Like all fabrics, there are advantages and disadvantages to using cotton.

Advantage of wearing Cotton clothing:

Ideal for all seasons

Cotton is an all-weather textile – it will keep you cool on a hot summer day and provide insulation on a cold winter day.


Most dermatologists recommend wearing cotton as it rarely causes irritations or any allergic reactions.

Less toxic

Being a natural fibre, cotton has hardly any chemical compared to synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic.


Who doesn’t love soft clothing? Cotton is mainly used in undergarments for this reason – it is breathable, soft, and super comfortable.

Disadvantages of wearing Cotton clothing:


Natural fibres, as opposed to synthetic, tend to be more expensive so it isn’t the best option when trying to keep costs down.

Shrinks easily

After a cycle in the dryer, your cotton clothing may no longer fit. But this is obviously avoidable by air drying.

Not so strong

Natural fibres can wear down easily – it can get damaged by damp conditions and even fade in sunlight.


Cotton wrinkles very easily and it’s safe to say you’ll always need to iron before wearing.

With caution, the advantages of wearing cotton can outweigh the disadvantages. Question is, why risk your body with synthetic fibres when you have cotton made clothing to rely on for healthier and less risky clothes?


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