Best and Warmest Winter Jackets

Best and Warmest Winter Jackets

Winter is nearly over, but for some of us winter shopping has just begun with all of the great sales on. At the moment, you can score a winter jacket for up to 60% off! For these prices you may as well go for the best and warmest on the market. The best winter jackets should keep you toasty warm, dry, and stylish – you should never have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Brands like Kathmandu and Icebreaker do a great job at this. Here are the warmest materials to hunt for your next winter jacket…



By far the warmest of them all, down jackets insulate by trapping warm air and retaining heat. Down comes from duck or goose feathers and are mostly found in light puffer jackets (you don’t need much poof with down). Unfortunately, these winter saving feathers aren’t cheap and these jackets are not created equal. The higher the fill power, the warmer you’ll be and the more you’ll spend. We recommend going with a fill power over 500 and trust us, it is worth every cent, especially if you plan to spend time in the outdoors over winter. And don’t worry, you can find responsibly sourced down. 



Definitely more stylish than down, wool is another great material that is both natural (from sheep) and durable along with being extremely warm. Most wool jackets work for casual wear and formal wear. While they can be pricey, there are plenty of ‘wool blend’ options that have up to 60% wool – enough to keep you warm without breaking the bank.


Faux Fur

You don’t have to use natural fur for warmth – faux fur is also made to keep you toasty without any animal cruelty. Faux fur looks beautiful and is fairly inexpensive. They are also back in fashion if you haven’t noticed!


Good luck on your bargain winter coat hunting. Stay warm!


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