Best Ways to Hang Clothes to Dry

Best Ways to Hang Clothes to Dry

Hanging your clothes to dry isn’t as simple as it seems. To dry your clothes effectively, there are some methods that will save you time and effort – you can actually avoid wrinkles, fading, and dampness. 


Prevent Wrinkles

Ironing is just another chore that we can do without. Before line drying, give your clothing a good shake and pull a bit to get out the wrinkles visible when wet. It goes without saying that once dry, it is best to fold them immediately rather than chucking in a basket!


Prevent Fading

Hopefully your clothesline is partially shaded from the sun. If you want to avoid fading then you may want to consider keeping your clothesline in a shaded area or you can always hang your clothes on the line after or before the sun shines in that spot. Regardless, it is a good idea to hang your clothing inside out.


Prevent Stains

You don’t get stains from drying clothes, you get stains from your clothesline. Make sure your clothesline has protective wires that do not rust, but regardless give your lines a wipe before you hang anything. It’s extra work, but it’s not worth ruining your garments!


Prevent Dampness

Now when we think about physics, there’s even a science to hanging clothes! If you have a multi line clothesline, you should hang your lightest clothing in the front and the heaviest in the back facing the sun so that all garments get an equal amount of sun exposure since the heavier items will way down the line.


Then there are of course ways to hang different items of clothing and linen to prevent almost all of the above.


Hang them upside down, pegging from the bottom seams.


Again, hang upside down with the waist facing down and leg seams pegged.


Keep pairs together pegging one peg to the tip of the pair letting the socks hang.


Fold sheets or blankets in half and then peg the corners – it’s also a good idea to peg the middle.


Hang towels by the corners rather than folding.

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