5 Backyard Purchases Worth Investing In

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or you’re starting to prepare for summer, your backyard is a place worth investing in for many reasons. It’s a great place to entertain family and guests during the warmer months, and the outdoors are simply good for your well being. Outdoor furnishings may be expensive, but they will allow you to enjoy your home a whole lot more when you can soak up the sun comfortably, host a summer bbq, and/or just get out for fresh air without going far. 

There are some things we just can’t imagine not having in our backyard and we think you’d agree if and when they’re in your backyard.


Table & Chairs

It goes without saying that every yard needs a place to sit, eat, and entertain. Sitting on the grass or floor just won’t be pleasant!




Unless you’re a vegetarian, barbeques are a highlight of summer. There are inexpensive bbq’s at the Warehouse and Bunnings, but if you think you are going to get a lot of use out of it then we recommend splurging a bit – your meat will taste better!



Great all year round, fire-pits add ambiance and fun to social gatherings especially with kiddies around to roast marshmallows.



T Bar or Rotary Clothesline

We couldn’t not include a clothesline! If you want to avoid high electricity costs & save energy then a backyard clothesline is a must. They also force you to get outside in the sun and fresh air making the chore of doing laundry a bit more exciting.



You never know what the weather will do so protection from sun & rain allows you to enjoy your yard stress free. 


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