Benefits of Having a Laundry Room

It’s normal to have a love hate relationship with doing laundry – dealing with the dirty pile can be unpleasant while dealing with the clean pile can be relaxing. But there’s one way to make laundry easier and that’s organisation, which will prevent the task from being overwhelming. For this reason, we strongly recommend having a laundry room in your home rather than sharing it with your bathroom or kitchen. Ironing, folding, and separating all require space. 

If you don’t yet have a laundry room or are thinking about renovating yours, here are some benefits to help you get the ball rolling.


The value of your property will increase.

It goes without saying that the more efficient and convenient your house is, the higher in value it becomes (amongst other factors). Most homes now come with a utility room so it would pay to stand out with a more customised room focused on convenience.


Doing laundry will be easier.

As mentioned, the key to enjoying the chore of laundry is to be organised and this is especially true for larger families. For example, space allows you to have more than one hamper to separate whites from colours, dirty from clean, and/or delicates from normal. Also having a centralised place with all laundry accessories, helps get the job done faster.


Your house will be tidier.

By freeing up other rooms from your machines, hamper/s, detergents, iron & ironing board, and clean laundry waiting to be folded, you’re essentially making them tidier with less clutter. I bet you didn’t realise just how much you can hide away in a laundry room! 


You’ll enjoy it.

How can you not love a new home renovation? New is exciting so you’ll be wanting to spend more time in your laundry room than you ever imagined. The quicker you get your laundry done, the more time you can focus on your hobbies & spending time with the family.

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