Build a Clothesline

Would you like to know how to build a clothesline yourself?

Swiftform Products has the answer with their DIY SwiftDry clothesline system!

You can build a clothesline (your very own) in under four minutes!

Sounds good to me as I am no handyman or handywoman!

SwiftDry clotheslines come standard with 2 x T Bars (including poles) with the required hardware to get it up and drying your clothes super fast.

The SwiftDry clothesline range has a full 10 year warranty and they deliver anywhere in New Zealand. Bonus, and a win win if you ask me.

You can purchase different widths and line configurations starting with 800mm for 4 lines (240mm line spacing), all the way up to 1500mm with 6 lines (285mm line spacing).

Optional extras include concrete surface mounts for installing the SwiftDry clothesline onto your existing concrete pad area, and in-concrete sleeves which allow you to temporarily move the T poles giving you more room for cars or equipment in your yard.

You can even choose to have your SwiftDry clothesline coloured with a durable powder coat. Choose from 6 colours or request a customised colour to suit your tastes.

Another option you may want to consider adding is a height adjusted tee clamp which allows you to position the height of your lines and adjust as you feel necessary. An 8mm Allen key is provided so you can make this easy adjustment.

The SwiftDry Clothesline system is priced from only $249.00 and at that price why not build a clothesline today? You will have a faithful friend for a long time as SwiftDry clotheslines are remarkable in their quality and reliability.

The SwiftDry clothesline is proudly made and manufactured in New Zealand and is fast becoming New Zealand’s favourite clothesline.

Shop here at this link now to build a clothesline today!



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