Clotheslines NZ – The Benefits of a SwiftDry Clothesline!

Clotheslines NZ – Featuring SwiftDry T-Bar Clotheslines 

SwiftDry Clotheslines is the best name in lines…no pun intended!  They just simply are!

We all know that washing and drying clothes can be a tedious chore, but somebody has got to do it right?  In this article we outline the benefits of a SwiftDry Clothesline that will make your laundering SO much easier!

(1) Strong and durable 
A SwiftDry Clothesline has superior strength and will endure even the most harshest New Zealand weather. Many of our clotheslines have been installed in high country areas and are proof of this. Made of 3.2mm heavy wall steel pipe which is fully galvanised, plastic coated wire rope, and stainless steel eyebolts. Our clotheslines will handle whatever you throw at them, so don’t be afraid to load it right up!

(2) Various size options available
You can choose from 2, 4 and 6 line options which have ‘user friendly’ adjustments and line tensioning systems.  We have various sizes and options available to suit your needs.

(3) Easy Installation
To make installation easy you can purchase a ground insert removable kit.  We also have stand alone poles in case you need one for mounting a retractable line to for example.

(4) Clothing Care
Drying as nature intended is better for your clothes as the sun is a natural bleach agent and is less harmful to clothing fibres.

(5) Environmentally Friendly
Drying the natural way cuts down on our need for electricity and other energies, making it better for the environment too.

(6) Health Benefits
Drying clothes indoors can be harmful to people with asthma and cause mould within the home.

(7) Personalised Branding
All our SwiftDry Clotheslines are authentic and you will have your own branded number on your line poles with our logo.  This means we can find your exact clothesline in our system for personalised backup support at any time.

A SwiftDry Clothesline looks good outside too with its timeless design, made to suit any house and garden style. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and offer a 5 year warranty on all clotheslines, and FREE delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

Here’s what Richard from Christchurch says about his SwiftDry Clothesline NZ –

We are very pleased with the SwiftDry Clothesline we purchased.  It looks very smart and is a class above the other clotheslines we were considering.”

Ready to order your SwiftDry Clothesline?  You can contact us here today for easy purchase and free delivery.

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