Eco Friendly Ways to do Laundry

We’re sure you are aware that doing laundry has a negative effect on the planet as it consumes heaps of energy and uses heaps of water. Washing machines can use tens of thousands of litres of water per household annually while a dryer sucks up the most amount of energy in a home after the fridge. Just like ditching plastic and driving less, you can also help the environment in your own home when it comes to your wardrobe and doing laundry. Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, while also saving money and potentially even preserving your clothes.


Upgrade Your Machines

Washing machines and dryers are getting more and more energy efficient as technology advances so the latest models are worth investing in. When you are shopping, just look at the energy rating to choose the most efficient. Don’t forget, these machines may cost more, but they will ultimately cost less to run. 


DIY Detergent

Most laundry detergents are full of harmful chemicals that are toxic to our environment so it’s obvious why making your own detergent is eco friendly. DIY detergent is simple containing only 3-4 natural ingredients that you can easily find in your supermarket – there are plenty of recipes available online so find what works for you.


Hang Dry 

The good old clothesline is one of the best ways to save energy as it requires none (apart from your own to physically hang your laundry)! Not only does a drying consume high amounts of energy, they are expensive to run and can also shrink (or damage your clothing). The sun is the most natural way to dry your laundry & it even helps to kill bacteria and allergens such as dustmites.


Wash Less Frequent

Are you guilty of wearing something once and then throwing it in the hamper? Unless your clothing is heavily soiled, stained, or sweaty – you probably can get a few more wears out of them. Washing less also preserves your garments to last longer as with each wash can come fading or pilling. 


Use Cold Water

According to EECA (Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority) washing with warm water can use up to 10 times more energy than using cold water. Warm water may do a better job killing germs and bacteria, but it’s not all that necessary. With the right detergent, your laundry will come out just as clean using a cold water cycle.

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