How to Dry Your Laundry in Winter

Line drying in the winter is economical, ecological, and yes…it is possible! Some of us are fortunate to have drying machines, but why waste energy, spend more money, and shrink your clothing? If you look back in history before the days of drying machines, all laundry was line dried…all year round. Think about it, the sun is out…all year round (unless you live in northern countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Finland) so the key to winter drying whether indoors or out really just boils down to watching the weather forecast and following the sun. With our tips below you can ask yourself if that dryer is really worth keeping…


Outdoors line:

Drying your laundry outdoors during winter is all about timing it right and the perfect day is both sunny and windy, but even on those days there are ways to maximise your drying efficiency. Start early because the more sunlight the better – UV light reduces stains after all. Apart from following the forecast, check the pavement and grass – if they are dry then it’s another indication of a good day ahead. Hang all clothing by the hemline and space them out on the line as much as possible because the more bunched up they are or close to other clothing, the slower the process – you may get patchy wet spots. Your laundry may not be 100% dry when you bring in your clothing, but you will at least remove a great deal of moisture to easily line dry in the house for a few more hours. Easy as.


Indoors line:

It goes without saying that you should dry your clothing in the sunniest room in the house, which also end up being the warmest. You may be tempted to use a dehumidifier or a heater in this room as well, but you’ll end up wasting energy and spending money and we’re trying to minimise that. Otherwise, you may as well just use you a dryer! Your sunny room should give plenty of warmth to help dry your laundry. The big tip here is to keep the load small, and space all clothing out on the rack. Your pockets may take awhile to fully dry so either turn them inside out (if possible) and use a hair dryer for a few seconds and you should be good to go!


Tempter to ditch the dryer yet? Give our tips a go and think about it!

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