How to Keep Towels Soft

How to Keep Your Towels Soft

After a nice warm shower or bath, there’s nothing better than a soft fluffy towel to dry you off. However, you may end up wrapping yourself up in what feels like sandpaper. Rough towels can be the result of improper drying techniques along with detergent build up from minimal rinsing. With a few simple tips, we’re sure you can save yourself from the rough and stiff towels to always have the dreamy comfort of a fluffy towel.



Not all towels are created equal so it’s worth spending a bit more for the luxury. Most brands are made with cotton, but vary based on their weight per square metre, which is usually between 300 – 600 gsm. The higher the cotton weight, the more comfy the towel will be. 



We have probably said this before, but your laundry should always be separated out so that towels are washed with towels, clothing with clothing, and linen with linen. It may sound like a tedious task, but your items (especially towels) will wash better when there is an evenness in the machine. It’s also recommended to not stuff too many things in the machine as this will not allow space for the towels to move and be rinsed properly resulting in a product build up. You may also want to cut back on detergent for this reason.



You can’t go wrong with natural products and this even applies to fabric softeners. White vinegar is an excellent trick to softening your laundry naturally as it also provides extra help eliminating bacteria (on your laundry and in your machine). 



Whether washing or drying, avoid hot water and hot air as cotton is a delicate fabric that can easily cook when in contact with too much heat. If this happens, you may never feel that softness again on those laundered towels. The heat can help eliminate bacteria, but so can the white vinegar we mentioned! You can set your dryer to the lowest setting or also do an air/machine dry combo so you don’t have to run your dryer for so long.

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