Laundry Tips – Part Two

In our previous blog we discussed five laundry tips for success in part one. In part two we provide you with five more laundry tips to help you have the best washing in the street (and in the household)!

1. Reduce fading
With the warm summer weather throughout the country at the moment, it’s important to ensure that once you have hung out your clothes that you watch that they don’t get faded or even burnt in the hot summer sun. Your clothes are expensive and fading can cause them to look worn out very quickly. By turning dark-coloured clothes inside out before washing you can avoid abrasion and wear to fabric surface that cause dull appearances. Leave the clothes inside out when you hang them outside to avoid further fading, and best of all hang them in the shade if you can, and when they are dry get them off the line super quick.

2. Avoid shrinking and stretching
The reasons clothes shrink and stretch are varied from fibre content and type of weave to how you wash or clean them. Some of the best ways to avoid shrinking or stretching is to use a cold water setting, avoid too much agitation and hang them outside to dry (do not use a hot clothes dryer).

3. Keep whites looking brighter
When your whites start going grey or yellow, it could be because you are using water temperatures that are too low. Or, you may be overloading your washing machine and piling in really dirty clothes that cause dirt to resettle on mildly soiled clothes making them dull. A tried and proven way to whiten your clothes is to mix a solution of warm water and oxygen based bleach. Follow the package recommendations as to how much to use per litre of water. Submerge the white garments and allow them to soak at least eight hours or overnight. In the morning, wash as usual using the hottest water recommendation for the fabric, adding 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar to the rinse water. This should do the trick!

4. Handle delicates with care
To make bras and delicate undergarments hold their shape and last longer, wash them by hand in a sink filled with cool water. Or, if you want to use the washer, toss bras in a mesh lingerie bag and use the delicate cycle.

5. Reduce wrinkles (in your clothes silly!)
Last but not least in this segment on laundry tips – who has time to iron? Use a fabric softener to help reduce fabric wrinkles and after the clothes are dry make sure to hang them straight away in your wardrobe, rather than keeping them squashed in the laundry basket. Often the most wrinkling is done when you are bringing in your clothes off the line. This will help make the ironing process quicker also, if some of your clothes need a final spruce up.

We hope these laundry tips help to make your laundering a much easier and successful chore. If you need a great clothesline then you can’t go past our SwiftDry Clotheslines, check them out here now!

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