Six Ways to Avoid Ironing

Six Ways to Avoid Ironing

On the list of dreaded household chores, ironing falls somewhere in between cleaning the toilet and mopping vinyl floors.

The whole process is mentally draining – from setting up the board, waiting for the iron to heat up, trying not to melt your hands off and then having a hot flash at the thought of creases.

Well, fear no more, we’ve learned a few tricks over the years and we’ve finally cracked it. It’s time to bin the iron because you won’t be needing it anymore….

1. Hair dryer to the rescue

Not just handy for the occasional blow-dry, these are the holy grail and by far the easiest method to avoid ironing. Whether you want to give a damp t-shirt some love or you’re desperate to remove that obvious crease in the middle, hang the item, stand about three inches away and blow-dry until finished.

2. A little spritz of water

You’ll never lose your cool over a wrinkle again. All you need is a spray bottle (you’ll have one lying about somewhere) and then lightly mist the crease and before you know it, the wrinkles will start to vanish as the clothes dry.

3. Take a shower

Literally, this is a savior tip for on-the-go professionals. When you’re getting ready for a business meeting, the last thing on your mind should be ironing. So, before you have a shower hang any wrinkled clothes in the bathroom. The steam will help release any stubborn wrinkles.

4. Throw them in the dryer

This only really applies if you’re in a mad rush to get out of the door. You can toss the clothes in the dryer with a wet towel and once they’re out your good to go. Remember it needs to be immediate, otherwise, the wrinkles will come right back.

*Just be weary of clothes shrinking in the dryer

5. Invest in a Garment Steamer

These are so nice for a quick touch up and are super easy to use. You leave the piece of clothing hanging and gently run the steamer over it and the wrinkles disappear. Another nice thing about the steamer option is that it will get rid of funky smells in your clothes if they’ve been in the closet for too long.

6. Hang your clothes and skip the folding.

Unless you are a fairly neat person and a have a system in place, clothes get shuffled around in a drawer or a shelf.  And when your drawers get messy, clothes lose their folded shape. This results in wrinkles. If you have the closet space, skip the folding altogether in order to avoid the wrinkles.

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