Tips for Folding Your Clothes

Following our last blog post, tidying up isn’t just about putting your clothes away – it’s also about putting them away properly. Washing clothes is simple since our machine does all the work, but we tend to dread what comes after..hanging to dry and then our favourite job of folding.

Marie Kondo has shown us that there is an art to folding. When done in the right way, you can create more space, find items easier, and even feel more joy. So if you’re drawers look like the image below, it is time to tidy up!

Tips for folding your clothes

Before tackling the folding process, remove everything from your drawers and make a pile of clothes you no longer wear especially if they do not bring you joy or comfort. This pile can be donated to charity or recycled another way.



Assuming your socks are in a small drawer, let’s start with this easy one. It’s important to keep your sock organised in pairs because they tend to disappear…well one does at least. According to Marie Kondo, balling our socks is not the best method if we want to preserve our sock elasticity. It’s best if we fold them together by placing one on top of the other and folding them in half twice. Here’s a preview of what your sock drawer will soon look like:

Tips for folding clothes and socks



Think of a department store and how accessible each folded garment is…that’s how your own drawer should be. The more digging for something, the more messy it will become so you want all tees visible upon opening your drawer. It’s recommended to either roll them or fold them by laying the tee face down folding both sides in, then folding it up once and then up again. The end result should look like this:

Tips for folding your clothes


I bet you are intrigued by that bra drawer above! Bras are delicate and should be treated as such. Padded bras can lay on top of each other unfolded – do not crush the cup! Unpadded & sports bras can be folded in half and compacted then layered in a row similar to the padded bras.



Pants are best left to hang, but if you prefer to store some in the drawer, the end result should be left similar to the t-shirts with the pants laying up vertically (see above image to the left of the bras). Fold them once in half so that the back pockets are at opposite ends then bring the bottom up (ankle part) to meet the top (waist part) and fold in three parts from the bottom up. 

Once you’re finished, the goal is to maintain these neatly folded drawers – good luck!

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