Washing Machine Debate: Top Loader vs. Front Loader

Almost anyone who has ever shopped around for a washing machine has asked Google (or a salesperson) what the difference is between a top loader and a front loader. It can boil down simply to preference, but there actually are reasons why you would choose one over the other. After doing our research, we realised there are four main components you need to consider between the two options – efficiency, time, capacity, and price.


It’s proven that front loaders take the cake when it comes to efficiency. They use less energy and nearly 50% less water than your standard top loader. Front loaders have a horizontal drum that functions on gravity to tumble your clothing. Both machines are on par with cleaning efficiency so you won’t need to factor that in unless of course you are buying second hand then we recommend a test run!


Top loaders tend to be a lot faster, around 30min faster. This goes on a machine by machine basis, but if you are a busy bee you may want to look into this. You don’t want to hang around for an hour waiting to dry your clothes!


If you are a big family, you will probably want to get a machine with the most space to avoid several loads a week. If this is a priority for you then stick with a top loader as you will have more options – some can hold up to 13kg!


This one you may have figured out already, front loaders are a lot more expensive than top loaders. This is probably for its efficiency so do some math – is it efficient enough to save the difference on your monthly bill? If so, it’s not so expensive after all.

It’s a tough call to make, but either way you really can’t go wrong. We’ll just leave you on this one – if you have a habit of dropping a sock on your way to the machine, go with a top loader because you can’t open a front loader while in cycle!

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