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It’s getting colder out there and we’re not close to spring yet, so you may still be on the hunt for warm apparel. Most winter gear is on special offer mid-winter so it’s worth investing in a few pieces for the remainder of this year and the years to come. Some fabrics work wonders when it comes to keeping bodies warm just like summer fabrics keep us cool. Here are our top choices for winter warmth…





It’s hard not to love flannel tops and flannel sheets in winter. Soft to touch, flannel can be made in wool, cotton, or a synthetic fibre. 






Usually stuffed inside puffer jackets, down is amazing at insulating as it is composed of duck & geese feathers. While it may be fairly expensive, you can catch a good deal on a down jacket at outdoor shops like Kathmandu and MacPac.




gore tex

Known as the ultimate waterproof windbreaker, Gore Tex is popular in skiing jackets for a reason.





Made from polyester, fleece mimics the warmth of wool in a lighter option. It also dries quickly so can be worn actively outdoors in various weather conditions. 




Merino wool


Us Kiwis know how good wool is at keeping us warm and cozy. A quick drying natural insulator from sheared sheep, wool can be found in jumpers, socks, tops, bottoms, slippers, and even underwear (merino) so you can be warm all over.


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