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Can I shorten the length of a Fold Down Clothes Line to fit a smaller space?

Yes. All Fold Down Clothes Lines have tubular steel front bars which may be easily reduced in length with a hack saw or angle grinder. Reduce the front bar by the required length prior to inserting into pre-assembled side arms during installation.


Can I hang my sheets without folding or gathering them to fit?

All clotheslines with any lines longer than 2.4 meters will fit all sheets, any way around without folding or gathering them to fit. As sheet sizes vary significantly, we recommend checking your sheet size, along with the clothesline product pages to determine the most appropriate model.


At what height should I install my Fold Down clothes line?

We reccommend fitting a Fold Down frame with the top bolt approximately 50-100mm above the user’s head height.  If the frame is set too high, the user may be unable to fold the frame down, as the frames need to be pushed up slightly as part of releasing the locking mechanism. Consideration may need to be given to taller users, or if the Fold Down is to be installed in a walkway.

I don’t want a Clothes Line in my back yard. Can I put one down the side of the house?

Yes. Most side paths are only 800-900mm wide. Any fold down clothesline that is 0.6m - 0.7m deep from the fixing point will work in these spaces. If you have a slightly wider space such as 1.5m+ you could choose a clothesline that is around 1 meter deep from the fixing point. Both options can be either wall mounted or free-standing (concrete in posts) using a post kit if the fence or wall is not ideal to install onto such as a badly warped fence or a wall with windows that are at the same height and position you need the clothesline installed at.

I have a cement path down the side of my home and not enough wall space to place a Fold Down. Is there an alternative?

Yes. We have Plated Posts for Fold Downs, T Bars, and Retractable options.  The Posts have welded metal base plates. The Plated Ground Mount Kits are pre-drilled and epoxy coated for direct fixing onto cement slab, decking etc.

Alternatively, the cement path may be core drilled to 200mm diameter, to facilitate the installation of upright posts using fresh concrete in the hole.  Consideration should be given to existing services which may be installed along the fence lines

Can I install a Clothes Line on my garage/shed wall?

As long as you have sufficient structural support on the intended wall you can install a Clothes Line directly on the wall. You may need to install the Clothes Line using a Ground Mount Kit near the garage/shed if there is not sufficient structural support. Alternatively, additional support can be applied i.e. timber boards can be secured to studs in the wall and then the clothesline secured to the timber where the studs are not in a great position for direct fixing.

Can I install a Clothes Line directly onto a fence?

Please check with your local Council for regulations governing the installation of a clothesline on boundary fence. Existing fence posts would need to be structurally sound to support dynamic (working load).  A Colourbond/sheet steel fence is not suitable for direct fixing unless fixing directly to the posts. Consider installing a Ground Mount Kit close to the fence to ensure adequate support.

What options are available for an undercover Clothes Line?

You have several options. Retractable Clotheslines are suitable for use in carports, garages and verandahs and will lock in at a minimum distance of 2m in length.

The Fold Downs range in depth from 600mm - 700mm - 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm.  They have more line space than other Fold Downs so offer far more flexibility for winter drying. The Fold Downs are suitable for internal and external use as they can fit into any distance required.

Some home owners have installed a second Ground Socket for a Folding Rotary under a pergola or carport. During summer the clothes are dried in the sun and during winter they move their Folding Rotary under cover for wet weather drying. Remember that line drying your clothes for even a few hours will save power and energy – even if you do finish them off in the electric dryer!

I love my Rotary Clothes Line but I’m worried about down sizing to a Fold Down. How does line space compare?

Yes the Fold Downs do hold less washing than the traditional Rotary but our Fold Downs do have more line space than other Brands. For example we have fold downs with 35-40 meters of line space - that's the line space of a small Rotary and around 3 quarters of the line space of a large rotary! If you do a lot of washing at once you could install 2 Fold Downs side by side. That would be equivalent to the largest of Rotaries.

Are clotheslines easy to use?

Our Fold Down frames may be lifted and lowered using a one-handed operation.  On some models the centre front bar is lifted slowly to lock the line into position, or pushed up firmly to release the Catch to fold down, or other models it is a simple lift and push to lock, and conversely to unlock it is lift and pull, then lower to fold down.

Folding Rotaries require two hands to lock and unlock the line into position.  The lines are quite tight initially as they are tensioned to prevent line sagging.  This operation becomes easier after a few uses.  This action may prove difficult for users that suffer from arthritis or a lack of strength in their hands or wrists.

Why is the recommended area greater than the clothes line size?

You should allow approximately 25-30cm extra depth for operational ease of a Fold Down. A Rotary requires a little more room - at least 50cm ideally - around the exterior line. This allows sheets, blankets etc. to blow in the wind without brushing against shrubbery or fences.

How easily can I get spare parts?

Spare parts are readily available for all models.

Why should I use an outdoor clothes line rather than my electric clothes dryer?

The obvious answer is duty to your environment. Not only do you reduce your carbon foot print significantly by line drying your clothes but you will also have much smaller power bills. Your clothes will last longer and smell fresher when line dried.

We realise it isn’t always practical to dry outdoors all year around but ask you to consider an alternative greener approach. Consider a second undercover clothes line or line drying wet clothes for as long as possible before finishing damp clothes in an electric dryer.

Clotheslines use free solar and wind energy to dry your clothes. Our clothes lines are virtually maintenance free and will continue to save you money for many years.