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There's nothing quite like a fresh, crisp, line dried sheet.

However, do you sometimes find yourself just letting the dryer do the the job?... it's a lot more convenient for our busy lives, right?... and it can be done with the push of a button in the comfort of your home.

But here's the truth...

Aside from the nostalgic notion of having a basket filled with your freshly washed bedding and taking it outside to hang on the clothesline, line drying our sheets has endless benefits over dryers. Have a read of our 7 Top Benefits to Line Drying your sheets...



Line Drying instead of using the tumble dryer is a great way to save money. You can save approx $100 per year by opting not to use your Tumble Dryer and Line Dry your washing instead.



Depending on the weather, sheets will often dry quicker when you hang them outside to let the sun & breeze work their magic.

See tip at the bottom of this page for the best way to hang your sheets.



Drying your sheets in a tumble dryer on a regular basis can break down the fabric fibers over time. Using your washing line to line dry your sheets instead is much more gentle drying process for your sheets & linens ensuring they last longer & keep their fiber quality for longer.



Sun bleaching is a great way to keep your white sheets looking fresh and new naturally. The sun is one of the best ways to bleach your whites without using chemical whiteners. For darker sheets & laundry we suggest to hang these in a shaded spot to dry so they don't fade.




Hanging your sheets out to dry on the line helps to reduce the amount of creases in your sheets. Not necessarily a wrinkle-free guarantee, however this method will leave far less creases to iron out than you would have had you placed them in the dryer.



There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh washed linens, so clean & refreshing.

This distinctive fragrance of line-dried laundry is actually down to a photochemical reaction, which occurs when sunlight hits wet fabric and produces a range of aldehydes and ketones. They're organic compounds that have an ozonic smell, which our noses associate with “outdoor” freshness.

Also the UV rays of the sun can help to disinfect your laundry. The ultraviolet light from the sun has disinfectant properties which helps to kill bacteria on your washing.



Many people are becoming more conscious about our impacts on the planet, and looking for ways to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint.  So, Line Drying your washing is a great option to help reduce your carbon footprint by not using your tumble dryer.



What if I have Allergies?

If you still want all the benefits of line drying but are worried about bringing unwanted allergens into your house, simply give your sheets a good shake before bringing them inside. Then put them in your dryer on low for a quick, five-minute spin, and most of the allergens should be removed from the fabric.

The quick dryer spin will keep the fresh scent of the outdoors intact while removing a lot of the unwanted allergens. 



Tip for Hanging your Sheets:

Instead of draping your sheets over the the line and pegging in the middle, or simply pegging from one end to hang. Try this...

Secure one end of your sheet to the line with pegs, then peg the other end of the sheet to the next line - forming a U shape with the fold at the bottom. 

This is especially good for people with smaller clotheslines, as it can be tricky for drying large sheets.

If you have more space on your clothesline you can peg the other end 2 or 3 lines out from the other end of the sheet to create more room for airflow and faster drying.

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