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While we’re all for clothesline drying, we understand that it is winter afterall so many of you are making use of your dryer this season along with using dryer assisted products like dryer balls and sheets. Dryer sheets are excellent to throw in with your wet washing for several reasons – they prevent static clinging, they soften your washing, and they make it smell extra fresh. 

The selection of dryer sheets available may overwhelm you, but most are the same being composed of similar fibres & ingredients – non woven polyester with chemicals & unnatural scents. Most of the chemicals in these sheets are harmless, but they are toxic at the end of the day and unnecessary. Some chemically created scents tend to be headache inducing! You can easily make your own dryer sheets using all natural ingredients, which will also help you save money and waste in the long run. 

Here’s a recipe that we’re sure will work just as well as the packaged products at the supermarket:



Reusable Flannel Baby Wipes – These can be found in most baby shops. Yes, we forgot to mention that you’re making reusable dryer sheets!

Essential Oil – You can choose whatever scent you fancy, but recommend citrus scents like lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

White Vinegar

Storage Container (with cover)



Add 25+ drops of essential oil to 1 cup of white vinegar & mix together.

Fold the wipes and place in your storage container.

Moisten the wipes with the vinegar mixture, but make sure not to saturate them

Use one wipe per dryer load to freshen laundry & viola. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will disappear once the heat gets to it!

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