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The Austral RetractAway is a discreet retractable clothes line that will lock in from as little as 2 meters in length and extend up to 8m in length, making it the longest Retract Away available. It is easily retracted back into the cabinet when you have finished using it.  

Available in two sizes RetractAway 40 or Retractaway 50 and a wide range of accessories which enable them to be installed in different ways to suit different size yards and landscapes.

See Installation Options below and the Accessories required for each setup.


Wall to Wall 

  • 1 x Retract Away 40 or 50 Cabinet



Wall to Post



Post to Wall



Post to Post



Need to attach your post to a Concrete or a Hard Surface?

Thats ok, we have the Plated Post for hard surface fixing.

Retractaway post - plated

  • When fixing to alternative surfaces such as weatherboard, fibro, blueboard etc. fix directly to the stud – alternatively support battens should be used
  • For greater stability, the Post fitted with Cabinet should be cemented into soil
  • Ground Socket is only required if Post is to be removable
  • Each Kit requires 8x M6’ Galvanised masonry screws/screw bolts
    Minimum embedment 45mm (replaces concrete and gravel)



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