The problems we solve with our NZ made SkyLine folding frame Clotheslines - SwiftDry Clotheslines NZ

The SkyLine folding frame clothesline has been available for a year now and it is rapidly growing in popularity.

This is because it solves many problems for our customers that we have learned through experience, and also plenty of customer comments and feedback.

Need to know more? Read on for a download of the details...

> Large radius, steel-formed corners
- No plastic 'joiner' corners or components for ease of install + much more durable and stronger - no flexing in the wind or with large wash loads
- less likely to hurt yourself by collecting it with your noggin on the way past

> Frame angled upward
- allows the user to reach the back lines easier, while additionally raising the height of the front lines to capture more sun and wind, additionally giving more ground clearance for sheets

> Stainless Steel fasteners, and Locking pins on the folding mechanism
- We use stainless steel fasteners instead of zinc, which look amazing and last a long time
- folding frame clotheslines often unhitch in the wind on one side or simply because of a less-than-great design, causing the frame to bend and components to weaken. Our stainless locking pins don't allow this.

> Galvanised frame inside and out (not always the case with other brands) and powder coated
- Superior durability, style, blends in with your architecture

> Wire holes punched from the top of the frame, rather than through the side
- this means the cord has to go around twice as many corners on each end greatly reducing the sag of lines and the rubbing of cord in holes, which causes it to weaken and break.

> UV-stable Nylon Bushes and Washers
- allows for smooth, quiet action and stops steel parts from rubbing together and damaging the coating over time.

> Pre-assembled
- this is a biggie, saving installers up to 15 minutes per clothesline to install, and a lot of frustration!

Think fast. Think SwiftDry.

> We go above and beyond with quality and we back this up with an industry-first 30-year structural warranty.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?
The SwiftDry SkyLine solves these and more, so get in touch with us for a Quote! or buy online directly at

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